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Why HVAC Maintenance is So Important

Owning an efficient HVAC system is a must for residents in Mansfield, Texas. From improving indoor air quality to boosting energy efficiency, below are a few reasons HVAC maintenance makes all the difference:

Improved Energy Efficiency

The average lifespan of a well-maintained HVAC unit is between 15 and 20 years. As your system ages, it may not work as efficiently as it did before.

You may even notice the telltale signs, which include frequent cycling and inconsistent temperatures in your home. You may even find yourself adjusting the thermostat more frequently, which is never a good sign.

Routine HVAC maintenance ensures that your system runs as efficiently as possible. During a tune-up, a service technician checks electrical connections, cleans the coils and lubricates the moving parts, all of which ensure energy efficiency.

Indoor Air Quality

When you think of comfort, what comes to mind? In addition to comfortable temperatures, indoor air quality plays a significant role.

Without regular maintenance of your HVAC system, your home may start to smell musty. Dirty air filters are usually to blame, but if you’ve waited too long for a tune-up, dirt can gather inside your unit as well. Scheduling routine maintenance helps keep indoor air fresh and clean, protecting your family’s health.

Saves Money

Dirty HVAC systems work harder than they should, which can result in overheating and system malfunction. Receiving high repair and energy bills is never fun. Preventive HVAC maintenance catches minor problems before they become expensive repairs. Well-maintained units require fewer emergency services calls, improve your home’s comfort level and save you money on energy expenses.

Performance Heat and Air offers an Energy Service Agreement that includes two visits from our service technicians each year. Contact us today at (469) 557-4455 to learn more about the benefits of investing in our maintenance plan and improving your comfort.

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