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Why Is Your AC System Running Up Your Power Bill?

You may notice your energy bill is increasing every month despite there being no changes in utility rates. On further inspection, you discover your air conditioner is the culprit. Here’s why your AC system in Fort Worth, TX, uses too much power:

Refrigerant Is Leaking

A refrigerant relays heat from your indoor unit to the outdoor unit. The outdoor unit disposes of this heat to the environment.

Your pets may urinate on the outdoor component, resulting in corrosion of the refrigerant lines. This causes the refrigerant to leak. You may also hit the outdoor unit while mowing your lawn, causing damage to the refrigerant lines.

Reduced refrigerant volumes affect your air conditioner’s ability to move heat from your house to the environment. Therefore, the system runs longer and consumes more energy to move as much heat as possible with the little refrigerant that’s available.

Hissing and gurgling noises show that your refrigerant is leaking. Don’t attempt to repair refrigerant leaks by yourself, as you may harm your health. Instead, allow a professional service technician to take care of the issue.

Condenser Unit Is Dirty

The condenser unit is susceptible to contamination since it sits outside. The unit cannot efficiently release heat from your house to the environment if it’s dirty. This forces the AC system to work long hours to achieve your desired indoor temperatures.

As a result, your energy bill will shoot up. Regular AC maintenance helps keep your system components clean and in good working condition.

Clogged Air Filter

An air filter prevents debris, dust and other pollutants from entering your air conditioner. As the pollutants accumulate on the filter, they create a barrier that doesn’t allow air to pass through smoothly.

Consequently, your AC system will work harder and consume more energy as it attempts to draw in more air. Remember to change your air filter often to reduce the strain on your air conditioner.

Call Performance Heat and Air for professional air conditioning services. We’ll take care of the issues interfering with your indoor comfort.

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