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Thinking of Skipping Spring HVAC Maintenance in Grand Prairie, TX?

Spring is a busy time around Grand Prairie, TX. It’s easy to skip things like your spring HVAC maintenance while you work on other things. However, that would be a mistake. Here are important reasons to rethink skipping HVAC maintenance:

Increased Breakdowns

Your system degrades over time with air contaminants collecting on your coils and circulating fans. Your system’s components also loosen and lose performance over time. All of this contributes to additional strain on your system, leading to premature component failure and additional AC repairs.

Reduced Efficiency

Your system should pass a certain amount of air through it as it runs to effectively cool your home. However, when your system has a restriction preventing that air from flowing, the system’s cooling efficiency declines. With less efficiency comes longer cycles and higher utility bills.

Decreased Service Life

It’s easy to allow maintenance to slide the first time and forget about it again and again. When neglected long enough, the additional strain starts taking years off the expected service life of your air conditioning system. This means normal repairs end up turning into full system replacements.

Poor Air Quality

Air quality is of significant importance for both your HVAC system and your health. When the air quality is poor, you suffer from more allergies, dryer skin and more respiratory infections. Without proper maintenance, there are more particles for circulating air to pick up and carry back into your home.

Invalid Warranty

With the investment of your HVAC system, you want to know that if something fails, the warranty will be valid. Most manufacturers now stipulate regular maintenance as a condition of their warranty because of the effect of neglect.

Don’t let your system suffer the consequences of skipped HVAC maintenance. Call to schedule your spring HVAC maintenance with the experts at Performance Heat and Air today.

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