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3 Things That Can Happen If an AC System Isn’t Level in Burleson, TX

Many homes in Burleson, TX, contain misaligned air conditioners that may increase energy costs. If you have an unbalanced air conditioner, the misalignment can affect the compressor, evaporator, coils and wires. Read on to learn more about what can happen if your AC system isn’t level.

Refrigerant Flow Can Decrease

Firstly, the evaporator features durable coils that contain the refrigerant, which can quickly absorb the extra heat. Sometimes, a misalignment may substantially reduce the flow of refrigerant. Therefore, the refrigerant might accumulate within one coil, yet the other coils will contain an inadequate amount of refrigerant. It’s vital to have your AC system checked if you’re experiencing cooling issues stemming from this problem.

Motor Might Not Be as Effective

The air conditioner has a durable motor that can power the fan. If our service technicians inspect your AC system, they can examine the level of oil within the motor. The oil lubricates the moving parts. But a misaligned air conditioner will reduce the level of oil in several components. Consequently, a section of the motor may not contain enough oil. As a result, the insufficient oil could affect the motor, fan and main bearings. To fix this, you’ll need to schedule an AC repair right away.

Wires Could Become Stretched

Finally, a misaligned air conditioner may stretch the wires. As a result, it can cause premature wear, damage the rubber coating and affect the flow of electricity. The stretched wires may substantially increase the electrical resistance, and the twisted wires can considerably reduce energy efficiency.

Improving the Alignment of Your AC System

Our service technicians can thoroughly inspect your air conditioner, evaporator, motor and compressor. What’s more, we have the industrial tools needed to realign it. If you would like to learn more about our AC services, contact Performance Heat and Air today.

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