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The duty of an air handler is to regulate the amount of air blown by the heater or air conditioner. It also helps determine whether the air is cold or warm. With the fall months fast approaching in Mansfield, TX, you should know the standard air handler failing signs. That way, you can schedule a repair for it right away to avoid discomfort and distress.

Problems With the Fan Unit

An air handler works in conjunction with a fan unit to blow the air throughout your home. When the fan stops blowing air completely or starts to make strange noises, it can be a sign that your air handler is failing. Therefore, you may require to replace the fan if you want to avoid future calamities.

Condensate Pan Leaks

During the summer, AC units tend to work hard, creating a lot of condensation that accumulates in the pan. This can encourage algae growth, which can clog the drain line, making the pan overflow and potentially causing water damage.

If you notice water pooling or moisture in the pan, the possible cause can be a condensate leak. Therefore, you should act fast and call a service technician to inspect and repair the leak before it intensifies.

Failing Blower Motor

A blower motor can fail due to many reasons, and when it happens, it can force the HVAC system to stop delivering air. If your air handler has a malfunctioned motor, it’s in your best interest that you avoid using it entirely as it’s dangerous.

If you notice a lousy motor delay, contact a service technician to pinpoint and fix the problem quickly. However, you can protect the blower from failing by scheduling seasonal maintenance with a qualified service technician.

If you notice any of these signs or want to learn more about a failing HVAC system’s air handler’s symptoms, contact Performance Heat and Air today. We have competent service technicians who can give your air handler the services and maintenance it needs to keep it running during the fall season.

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