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5 Signs Your Heat Pump’s Evaporator Coils are Failing in Aledo, TX

The evaporator coils are an essential part of your HVAC system. Their job is to take the heat from the air in your home and transform it to a more comfortable home temperature. Read on to discover five signs your evaporator coils in Aledo, TX, need replacing as soon as possible.


If your HVAC system is constantly cycling between on and off but not heating or cooling your home effectively, the issue may be bad evaporator coils. There might be buildup on the coils that makes it difficult for the system to run continuously, resulting in a machine that shuts down before adjusting the temperature completely.

Leaks or Puddles

Your evaporator coils produce condensation during the cooling process. This liquid is then taken care of through a special condensate line and a drip pan in which to collect it. If you notice leaking around your indoor unit, the condensate line might have clogged due to coil buildup.

Home Too Warm

The great thing about HVAC systems like heat pumps is that they have dual functionality, and they can both heat and cool your home. With fall heat still lingering, a major sign your evaporator coils have degraded is that you’ll have a home that won’t cool. If the air conditioning portion of your heat pump has stopped working, give us a call.

Unusual Sounds

Strange new noises from your HVAC system components is a red flag, especially if the noises are growing in volume or intensity. Banging, grinding and clacking noises all indicate potential problems.

Warm Air

If you’re trying to run the air conditioner but only warm air comes out of your vents, the evaporator coil on your heat pump may have corroded. The same applies if your home feels stickier and more humid than usual.

Think it’s time to get those evaporator coils checked over? Give Performance Heat and Air a call and ask about our heat pump repair services. We look forward to your call!

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