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Schedule HVAC Maintenance for Extreme Summer Savings

The daytime temperatures in Mansfield, Texas, have been hovering just below the 100-degree mark. That means homeowners are relying heavily on their air conditioning systems not only for comfort but also safety. But have you protected your AC system from the summer’s wrath so it can protect you during the most oppressive outdoor conditions? Here’s how scheduling HVAC maintenance can help you achieve extreme summer savings:

Cut Your Monthly Cooling Costs

There are many ways to save energy inside your home, including turning off the lights in a room you aren’t occupying it and upgrading to LED light bulbs. But when you consider that your air conditioner accounts for nearly 50 percent of the energy your home consumes, this is where you can achieve the greatest savings with the right strategies.

Maximizing your air conditioner’s efficiency isn’t hard. While you should leave most maintenance tasks to a professional, every homeowner can change their AC filter. It’s an easy task that helps achieve extreme summer savings. Check yours today, and if it’s dirty, change it. When you schedule professional HVAC maintenance, a service technician will take care of the rest to maximize efficiency.

Reduce the Risk of Experiencing Expensive Repairs

The more efficiently your air conditioner operates, the lower the risk of it breaking down. That’s because it won’t have to strain itself to beat the heat and cool your home. During professional HVAC maintenance, a service technician will look for any minor issues and repair them right away. That way, you avoid bigger and more expensive problems later.

Prolong Your AC System’s Lifespan

The last thing a homeowner wants to find out is that their air conditioner has broken down and is irreparable. Premature replacements cost thousands of dollars, and if you haven’t saved for a new AC system, it can cripple your finances. Professional HVAC maintenance is an investment because, while it includes an upfront cost, it helps you avoid unexpected replacement expenses. With annual HVAC maintenance, your system will maximize its expected life cycle.

One way to ensure your air conditioning and heating systems are always taken care of is to invest in an HVAC maintenance plan. Contact Performance Heat and Air at 817-349-3567 to learn more about the additional savings our plans offer.

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