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3 Problems Caused by a Bad Heat Pump Compressor

A heat pump compressor plays a critical role in the stage between when refrigerant evaporates and condenses. Without it, it simply isn’t possible for any heat pump to perform heat transfer. If you want to stay warm this winter in Fort Worth, TX, you should know about a few potential problems that a heat pump compressor often causes.

Ineffective Heating

The compressor assumes responsibility for compressing air before releasing it into your home. If your compressor doesn’t function, it won’t be possible for this process to take place. In practical terms, this means your system will neither heat nor cool your home adequately.

Odd Noises

A more direct sign of trouble with your heat pump compressor is if this all-important part starts emitting bizarre noises. Anything more than a slight hum is almost sure to be a sign of trouble.

If there’s debris in the compressor, you’ll hear some noises. Alternatively, something inside the compressor might have broken. One of the reasons regular heat pump maintenance is so important is that it gives professional service technicians opportunities to detect such problems.

Overheating Heat Pump

Since the compressor brings refrigerant into a state where it can condense and release the heat that it holds, a malfunctioning compressor might lead your entire system to overheat. Since a heat pump with a bad compressor that’s in heating mode won’t be able to warm your home, your thermostat may command it to work more, which may also trigger overheating. In response to either of these things, the heat pump may completely shut down.

You cannot afford to ignore any potential heat pump compressor issues in Fort Worth, TX, this winter. Call Performance Heat and Air and feel free to request our heat pump services. We’ll ensure your heat pump operates optimally all year.

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