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HVAC Maintenance: Learn About Our Energy Savings Agreement

You likely only think about your heater or air conditioner if it breaks down and requires repairs. But your HVAC system in Arlington, TX, deserves more of your time and attention. HVAC maintenance is crucial. Signing up for our Energy Savings Agreement is a great way to ensure your indoor climate control systems are clean, safe to operate and working efficiently.

Increase Energy Efficiency

Keeping your heating and air conditioning systems clean helps them function as designed. When you sign up for our Energy Savings Agreement, you’ll ensure a professional cleans your HVAC equipment to prevent inefficient operation.

Minimize the Risk of Breakdowns

Your HVAC system has many moving parts that work together to deliver conditioned air into your living spaces. Even one malfunctioning component can result in strenuous operation, leading to further damage and breakdowns. During scheduled HVAC maintenance, your service technician will repair any minor issues they notice on the spot.

Extend Your HVAC System’s Lifespan

The more efficiently your HVAC system runs and the fewer times it breaks down over its lifespan, the longer it’ll last. As a result, you’ll prevent paying for premature HVAC replacements. Signing up for our Energy Savings Agreement will also keep your HVAC warranty valid in case you need to file a claim for a defective part in the future.

Enhance Comfort and Safety

A malfunctioning furnace can leak carbon monoxide into your home, which is harmful to human health. What’s more, an air conditioner with a refrigerant leak is an environmental hazard. Avoiding these HVAC problems is critical to protect your whole-home comfort and safety. When you sign up for an Energy Savings Agreement, you’ll enjoy peace of mind.

Our Energy Savings Agreement includes priority customer status, a 10% discount on repairs and a 10% discount on filters. Contact Performance Heat and Air to learn more about the benefits of signing up or to schedule an HVAC maintenance service today. We’ll be happy to keep your heating and air conditioning equipment in top-notch condition.

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