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Don’t Skip Fall Furnace Maintenance in Aledo, TX

It’s impossible to overstate the importance of maintenance on your furnace. Here are some important reasons you shouldn’t skip scheduling furnace maintenance in Aledo, TX, this fall:

Prepare for the Chillier Winter Months

Now that autumn has rolled in, the weather has become noticeably chillier — and it’ll only become more so once winter arrives. Since you’re going to be using your furnace quite intensively in the coming months, it pays to make sure that it’s functioning at its best. A fall maintenance check will do just that.

Underlying furnace issues won’t always cause your system’s functioning to collapse right away, but there’s no worse time to have to install a new furnace than the during winter. Schedule a maintenance review to fix all hidden issues before the weather becomes chilly all the time.

Enjoy Higher Efficiency and Lower Bills

Since your furnace use will increase during wintertime, it makes sense that your heating bills would as well. This is also the time when you’ll want to make sure that your heating system functions as efficiently as possible.

Furnaces that haven’t had a tuneup in some time will have their valves and filters clog with debris and will have many parts that are rusty, broken down or lacking proper lubrication. As a result, the whole heating system will need to eat up more energy to achieve a given effect than would be necessary if things were in better condition. Not scheduling furnace maintenance will just mean that you’ll have higher heating bills.

Maximize the Life of Your Furnace

On average, a residential furnace can function well for approximately 15 to 20 years. Annual maintenance at the hands of skilled professionals may even be able to extend that figure somewhat. A lack of maintenance, on the other hand, could well cause your system to collapse sooner than it would otherwise.

Fall is the best time of year to schedule furnace maintenance in Aledo, TX. To make sure that your system is firing properly, call Performance Heat and Air to request a professional tuneup.

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