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4 AC Issues That Spike Energy Bills in Arlington, TX

Escaping the muggy conditions outside in Arlington, TX, is easy when you have a quality air conditioner. You may find that your energy bills spike from one year to the next or even one season to another. Find out some of the common issues that can make your bills skyrocket.

Old Air Conditioner

No AC system will last forever. Many models have a lifespan of 10 to 15 years. A reason for the change in your monthly prices is that you have an old or outdated air conditioner that can no longer keep up with the Texas temperatures outside.

Dirty Filter

Your AC system uses a filter to help with the air quality of your home. It blocks small particles and debris from moving through the system and reaching you and your loved ones. A dirty or clogged filter reduces the system’s efficiency and causes your bills to increase, but a maintenance plan helps because it includes cleaning or replacing your filter.

Low Refrigerant

AC systems require refrigerant to cool your home and move conditioned air to all areas while also pushing out the hot air. Make sure you know some of the signs of low refrigerant, such as a hissing sound or poor cooling, and have it recharged. An AC company can handle this task for you. Never attempt a DIY air conditioner refrigerant repair; it’s a dangerous job.

Duct Leaks

Your HVAC system uses ducts to spread cool air to every inch of your Arlington, TX, home. Any crack or damage to the ductwork will cause some of the air to leak out and make your home feel hot and humid. In some cases, you can even feel the cold air flowing out of your ducts.

Save Energy on Hot Days

Saving energy on hot days and watching your monthly bill drop is easy when you turn to Performance Heat and Air for help. Let our talented professionals examine your whole AC system and find out why your bills keep going up. Get the AC services you need quickly and call today.

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